Episode 006: “B-sides – Andy Patalan of Sponge, and Until Sunday, Fight Nickelback and Narrowly Escape Death!”

Guests: Andy Patalan (of Sponge, Bob Guiney Band, Solid Frog, Throttlebody, The Loft Recording Studio) and Until Sunday’s Josh Brooks, Ryan Brake, and Paul Mercier.
John and Jason discuss the merits of New Age music, we hear Andy Patalan’s stories of working with Ted Nugent, celebrity misunderstandings, and a run-in with Nickelback, and the Until Sunday guys recount their tour van adventures from “pimped-out ride” to “killing machine” on tour with the Super Suckers. Andy Patalan is touring with Sponge this summer on the Summerland tour along with Everclear, Sugar Ray, and Lit!
Music: ‘Insult to Injury’ by Until Sunday

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Thanks to the Sounds Like an Earful podcast for use of the track “Relaxation Loop”: http://soundslikeanearful.com.



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