Episode 000: “Teaser: The Spinal Tap of Podcasts?”

That dollar sign in Ke$ha’s name is a bad influence, Sting is an alien from the planet Melmac, and we dented Creed’s van but Scott Stapp was cool about it.

Get to know your hosts, John and Jason, with this short teaser episode in which they discuss the bad influence, directly or indirectly, that Kesha has on young girls, why Alf should be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame rather than Sting, and they share a story about the time they dented Creed’s van but Scott Stapp and they guys didn’t seem to care.

The first official full episode of Rock N Roll Refugees podcast will go live the beginning of March 2016, with monthly episodes to follow. Your hosts, John Kozick and Jason Shellhaas, two “recovering musicians” will share stories from the musical trenches about the sometimes weird, sometimes ridiculous, but always awesome things that happen to a person when they play in a band. Guests who share their strange tales of musical shenanigans regularly join the two as well. This is Spinal Tap…of podcasts!



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